Monday, May 17, 2010

Bedroom window drapery

Spencer and I finally have something covering our bedroom window! I finished these panels 2 weeks ago and they have been sitting on the floor of our living room since then...But these were on the list during our major-end-of-the-semester cleaning on Saturday.
So, these are not *exactly* how I would make my drapes look if I had the cash, but when you are a starving college family, you do what you have to! The fabric is actually a remnant from work that happens to look pretty dang good with our new bedding(that is still not done...). So I rolled with it! I'm going to add some sort of red trim to the top edge once I find something I like.
You have to understand something about this window. I have to walk by it to get to my side of the bed, and during the winter that walk past is frigid, and during the summer those few steps are HOT! Upstairs apartments in Arizona do NOT hold their temperature well! We are crossing our fingers that this new addition will help with:
1. Our electric bill
2. Outside noise
3. Light
I already know it helps with light, hurray! I didn't blackout line them, so we still get some light through, but it helps a lot!

We threw one of the finished quilt tops on the bed to see the effect with both. We like :) Someday those quilts will be done....hopefully sooner rather than later!

Anyways, thanks to my awesome awesome boss who lets me use the workroom for my own projects, I finally have window coverings in my room!

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Melanie said...

I love the stripes. Whenever I open my bedroom drapes, I am slapped with a wall of heat that the panel holds back. Amazing what fabric can do, eh? :) Looks good