Friday, May 7, 2010


 When Kirsten first introduced me to our favorite LQS, they had this fabric.

I think it's called Dancing Bugs.  It was so fun and colorful and bright.

So I made this.

I used the disappearing 9-patch pattern and it was so much fun to make.  It doesn't have very good contrast between all the fabrics and it was a really good lesson for me in learning more about contrasts, but it's a fun quilt and perfect for throwing out on the grass or on the floor or just for snuggling up with.  This was also my first attempt at quilting swirls and it is pretty awful.  I did really heavy swirls in the purple fabric and then just did straight stitching around the inside of all the buggy squares. It was a good practice quilt.

The pictures make it look like a rectangle, but it's really square.  It was too wide to get out of a width of fabric, so I pieced in some of the scraps from the front.  And the pieces on the sides of the big square in the middle are pieced in and I think I did a pretty good job of matching up the stripes!

One of these days it might even get a label :)

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