Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Diamond Quilt Finish!

I really should get more creative at naming my quilts...ANYWAYS, this one is done and in the shop!

Super cute pinks and purples in this one. It pretty much SHOUTS girlyness. I quilted 1/4" away from each of the seams to outline the diamonds, and then it made a fun diamond pattern on the back.

Speaking of backs, I think I have outdone myself on this one! I  L O V E it! These are my 4 leftover diamonds from when I had no idea what the top would look like and just started cutting. Well, when I went to cut the purple fabric for the rest of the back (inset diamonds was already the plan), my mind would NOT wrap around the math to figure out the cuts for this! I don't know what was up. So, I gave up and decided to hand applique the diamonds on so they would line up just right! Probably took 3 times as long as it would have, but dang do they look good!
And it gets better! I managed to line the front and back diamonds up EXACTLY, so the quilting would match front to back. Yeah, I'm good like that :) Not gonna lie, it looks AMAZING!

Well yeah, you can see that :)

When I went down to have a photo session outside, suddenly it was windy! Ugh wind is soooo not fun! Leaves kept rolling into the shot...once a plastic bag whirled by...But I thought I got some good ones. Then I went upstairs to check them out on the computer, and there was a little stick thingy right on my closeup of the back!! So, back down for more pictures, because I was NOT having some bit of leafy stick thing in the middle of my favorite shot! So there!

I made myself some new tags for quilts that are going in the shop, as this one is. I think they are cute :)

And then there is the super cute pink flower binding. It makes me happy.

Quilt finishes at 31"x36". did I mention this one is in the shop?


Melanie said...

Wow this is the coolest quilt ever. I was going to say "Stella" for a name, but it just doesn't fit! We'll work on it.

Kyle and Morgan said...

I think I am in love with this gorgeous quilt!

Laurel H. said...

It IS amazing!