Monday, September 13, 2010

Finished Pink Squares

I promised to show off something that is actually completed, and I have managed to follow through! You might remember this quilt from my tutorial last month. Well, it's done! My naming skills still need work :)

And guess what? I like it! It is super girly, and bright and happy! I had a beast of a time quilting this little thing though. First, I was going to do a cute free motion flowery pattern, but when I started to try it, I was AWFUL!! So, out came the seam ripper. And then I was going to do my standard all over loopy design; I got a quarter of the way done and looked at the back....the tension was all off! Out came the seam ripper again! At that point, I was so annoyed that I put the quilt to the side for about a week. Then I totally switched gears and straight line quilted it 1/4" away from the block seams and double lines through the center of each block. Success!

Full quilt shot. I added in little scrappy bits occasionally on the blocks. I have been meaning to try this for months, and finally got a chance! Oh, and the block in the bottom right hand corner is my favorite :)

I went with an almost solid orange binding. I really like the way it looks against both the bright pink border (kona bright pink), and the Amy Butler print back.

The back is one solid piece of fabric. Hurray for small quilts!! It was so nice to not have to worry about the backing.

 Ok, so it might be just me, but I think it's funny that the backing print is "martini dots", and it's on a baby quilt. Yeah, I'm weird.

I got to use lots of my favorite fabrics in this one, it's cool to see them in the same place.  The quilt ended up being 35"x44". It was definitely a nice change to make a small quilt! (I just finished TWO 70"x90" quilts...still haven't taken pictures...)

And it's too bad my pregnant friends are all having BOYS, or this could have gone to one of them! But, since I don't know any brand new baby girls, this pretty little quilt is now in the shop.


Anonymous said...

My quilts all end up with names like "aqua triangles" or "pink squares" too, but whatever you call it, I really like this one. It's really fun. I've been thinking about a quilt with blocks like this for my next new project.

Kelli said...

Awesome quilt mate!
It turned out really beautiful!