Friday, September 24, 2010

Cupcake Power!

In the last month or so, I've had a ton of quilts pop into my head that had to be made. And they have mostly been girly. And in this case, little girly. But I thought hey, I have a few expecting friends right now, at least one of them has to have a girl to gift these quilts to!(Though let's be honest...I would probably end up making one specifically for them...but well, I have to have some justification somewhere!) And in the last month or so, I found out that all those friends are expecting BOYS! And while that is awesome and wonderful, now I need to get my brain to switch gears and think boy!

Anyways, this quilt was one that was beating around in my head and had to be made, and is now done!

I had the cupcake prints, and knew I wanted a bit of randomness around them, so I made a disappearing 9 patch. Love this pattern, it's so fun and easy!

As I basted, I looked at the top, and couldn't figure out HOW to quilt it! I didn't want stitching going through the fun cupcakes, so I decided to outline the squares with stitching. But then what? Luckily my hubs was home for lunch right then, and suggested outlining the rest of the bigger squares. Perfect! Just enough quilting for sturdiness, but not a ton, so this quilt is still super soft!

I went for a pieced back on this one. I'm trying really hard to use what I have instead of going and buying more!! And guess what? This quilt was TOTALLY from stash! Hurray!! I think I will go buy some fabric tomorrow to celebrate :)

Choosing a binding was difficult for this one too. There is just so much going on in this quilt that any color I thought of just seemed wrong! So, I finally settled on this cute little pink flower print. I like it a lot more now that it's done that I did in the beginning!

Finished size ended up at 40"x48". And since I have nobody to gift this to, and I am already keeping one of the THREE quilts I just finished (that's right, 3! Check back Monday to see another one!), I have listed this one in the shop.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Melanie said...

I think this is so perfect! I shall buy fabric tomorrow in honor of your shrinking stash as well, or, do I even need an excuse?

p.s. shall we meet up there?