Thursday, January 6, 2011

Awesomely Amazing

Sooo, I am sitting on my couch wishing that this nasty cold I caught would have chosen someone OUTSIDE my household to attack…And since the kid is definitely not letting me sleep, what better way to pass the time ‘til the relief aid gets off work than to write up a blog post?
These are the awesomely amazing quilts I made for the awesomely amazing twins, Logan and Jaxson! Their mom has been my friend since high school, and was my roommate for a few years during college. So of course when they announced they were having twin boys, I started getting to work on some quilts!
When I started planning these twin quilts, I had no idea what to do. When I thought twins, I thought matchy matchy, but then I thought well that’s no fun! First, what’s the fun in having the same exact quilt as your brother? Second, what better way to spark fights in kids? “That one is MINE!” “No it’s not, it’s mine!”
My solution? The same quilt pattern, but with completely different fabrics! That way there is never a question of whose is whose, but there is still that element of similarity.
And I think it worked out pretty well!
Here’s my favorite part! This was the last scrap of this turtle print I had, and I knew I had to include it, but there wasn’t enough left for a large center block, and if I made it the small size it would cut the poor turtle up! So, this one block is a different size. AND the surrounding blue fabric is the only fabric that is in both quilts.
I totally would have had these quilts done BEFORE the boys were born, but as is the nature of twins, they came 10 weeks early (right Joanna?). I think I was partway through quilting when they were born. But that’s ok, I didn’t gift them until the baby shower almost two months later :)
So there you have it; the awesomely amazing twin quilts!

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Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

I love those! My fave is the sock monkey one though. I love those fabrics :)