Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year!

Is it really 2011? Does it seem like 2010 just raced by for anyone else?

So, to start off the new year, I am showing off the last two newest additions to my shop. They have only been listed for what, a month? :) Then I have a pair of awesome, adorable quilts to show you that went to my good friend who had TWINS at the end of October, and then I can finally show off all the good stuff I made for Christmas! A little late. Oh, and I might have a current project or two :)

Anyways, this first quilt was born from a desire to do a plain old patchwork quilt, and a desire to use that super cute car print you see in there!

Ironic that now that it's done, I wonder if it would have looked better without that print included!

The hubs said this quilt looked vintage-y to him, so I named it the "throwback quilt". Or he might have called it that...I don't remember. But he is very helpful throughout my quilting process! If he is home while I am basting, I get him to come look and tell me how to quilt that particular quilt if I am having trouble deciding. And he is usually right on the money for choosing the best way to go!

So this one ended up with vertical line quilting. It's not over-quilted, so it's still soft and snuggly :)

I love this backing fabric. When I bought it, I had NO idea what I would use it for, since at the time I didn't have any fabrics that remotely went with it. But look at that, it totally worked for this one!

This one finished up at 41"x45", and it is listed in my shop.

I will spare you the long story of how this quilt came to be, and why it ended up in my shop, since this post is getting rather long and wordy...Suffice it to say, it's cute and it's here!

The solid blue is Kona Royal Blue I believe, and most of the other fabrics are Animal Party.

I went with a solid brown binding, and now can't remember which kona it was! Need to start labeling them when I buy them...

I found this cool stripe in an end of bolt bin at a LQS just as I was finishing the top, and knew it had to be the back! Luckily, the piece was just big enough :)

This one has some straight lines sort of outlining the bricks, and finished at 34"x40".

So here's to the new year with some (hopefully) more consistent blogging!

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