Thursday, January 13, 2011

Walk in the Park, part deux

So guess what? I just finished my first commission quilt, how cool is that? See, custom work is nothing new to me, since that is what my “day job” is, but this was my first custom quilt.
And look at how good it turned out? I think I shall call this baby…hmm…Second walk in the park. Tee hee! This is my Walk in the Park’s baby brother; it is only 36”x44'” finished size.
I used my square in square method (again) for these blocks, then added a border, and voila, a super cute quilt that is on its way across the country to live in a little boy’s nursery!
I backed it with this lovely fabric from Kate Spain’s Verna (oh Verna how I love thee!), and I used an Amy Butler dot as binding. And wow do I like binding smaller quilts! They take so much less time!!!!
And since this quilt is destined to be a wall hanging, I added a rod pocket to this cute thing. And I had my wonderful assistant (aka Spencer) help me model it too. Thank goodness he was home while I was taking pictures! It’s hard to tell, but I have a clear acrylic tube through the pocket in the photo. That’s what I had available at the moment :)
So overall, I declare my first commission quilt a success! Oh, and I have a new project on my wall right now, more on that one soon!


Lisa said...

Beautiful quilt. They colors are lovely. What a treat for a little boy's nursery!

Taylor and Kristin Williams said...

Yea for your 1st commission quilt!!! :) WAHOOO! Super cute too!