Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Project


I just wanted to show a quick peek at my current project.

Since my last uhh….at least four quilts have been in a bit more subdued and boyish colors, I was itching for some brights and pinks!! This definitely fills my bright and pink need :) And did I mention, this entire quilt is coming from stash? Woo woo!

I have two blocks completely finished; I had to make sure I was doing things correctly before I cut up all my fabric. This one is going to be fun! And I’m using best press for the first time…my first block went a little wonky…but the second one is almost right on, so, right on!

Still binding the quilt in my last post, and now I have a cute little mug rug to bind, too! I will show that off after Saturday’s Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild swap.

Happy Wednesday!

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