Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, Monday, pretty close, right?

I ended up with some rush sewing and badly napping kids this week, so I missed my Monday post…
So, here’s the other quilt that I recently finished and added to the shop:
This is the same design as my recent Verna quilts (yes plural, I made a second one of those!). I plan to write a pattern for this one once I find a spare second :)
I used Cosmo Cricket’s Snorkel line for this quilt. The fabric is a couple years old now. The backing is that awesome crossweave-looking print.
Originally, the solid outlining the blocks was going to be white. I even had them all cut and ready to go! But once the strips were together, the white looked AWFUL. The rest of the prints were too light and it made the entire thing look washed out. Not good. So, out came the Kona Cardinal! It breaks and accents the prints MUCH better.
Then, I was going to use the red for binding, but I didn’t have anything left but scraps…off to the store, bought some more! I got it home, and they dye lot was SO DIFFERENT it looked like a completely different color. Well, THAT won’t work….so I consulted my awesome mother, and she recommended a solid aqua. Bingo! I still would have preferred the same red as the other, but the aqua looks pretty good too :)
And that is the story of this little quilt. I was going to use it for my pattern, but I’ve decided to redo it in something a bit bolder for my “cover girl”. Though I really do love the fishes swimming around the border in this one!
This sweet little boy (or girl, I guess!) quilt is up in my shop here.

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