Thursday, April 5, 2012

A peek at an unfinished quilt

…and a couple months’ worth of baby pictures! I am, as usual, very behind on posting; I had a couple re-upholstery/remake jobs come up that consumed my free time for the last month or so. No pics of those, since I just wanted them OUT of my house, but here’s this one a month late:


This is also the peek at one of my UFOs. I finished this quilt top for ME before I got pregnant, but things came up and I never got the backing finished. Now maybe I will get time to finish it; I haven’t made a quilt for me in a long time!!

And now another cute baby picture :)


I get to see this cute grin all the time, I love it! And somehow, I ended up with my foot in the corner of ALL the pictures I took…

Oh, and I just posted two new quilts into the shop; I need to blog about them! But if you want to see them before I get to it, check them out :)

I am working on another custom quilt right now – a pink and purple garden fence quilt that is going to be pretty awesome. Pictures as soon as I have something to take a picture of!

Until next time, have a fantastic weekend!

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