Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sooooo Sophie

Ok, let’s see a finished quilt, shall we? When I saw this fabric at my local quilt store (So Sophie, Riley Blake), I knew I had to work with it. So, I grabbed a couple charm packs and went to work!


I decided to keep it simple, both to let the awesome prints shine, and because I was in need of something simple at the time.


Well, months later, I finally got to quilt this thing! I decided to try out a dogwood pattern (a la Oh Fransson’s recent tutorial, though I made mine much larger to fit my big squares). As always when I try a new free motion pattern, I could use some practice, but overall it turned out pretty cool. I like the minimal quilting for a baby quilt, so it will stay nice and soft.


Once again, my in-law’s front yard saves the day for a good place for shooting quilt photos! Someday I will have a front yard….anyways.


I LOVE this stripe for the binding!!! I used the same stripe in the gold/brown colorway for the green/yellow/brown custom quilt in January. It just looks so cool.

Finished size ended up being 34” x 40”. I love making baby quilts, they are so much less stressful than anything bigger. And they take less time, so you still like them by the time you finish, instead of just wishing they were done!

This cute little baby quilt is up in my shop here waiting for a new home.

In other goings-on, the hubs did not get into NCSU for next year, so we don’t have to move cross-country, yay! That was one of those oh bummer, yay moments. So, one way or another, ASU for grad school! Cross your fingers for us that he get into the program he wants! (Already accepted into “backup plan”, still waiting for word on “what he really wants”)

Oh yeah and happy birthday to my brother! Not that he reads this blog, I’m sure, but it’s still his birthday :)

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Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

you crack me up! That binding is great, you are right!

Hooray for husbands at ASU!